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Here at Typsy K Marketing (Affiliate of Most Hated On, LLC) we know what it's like to have no support from those around you. To have a vision that nobody else can see. To feel like the smallest amount of help would make the biggest difference in everything.


Take a deep breath. We got your back here.


Primarily focusing on concrete plan setting with step-by-step achievable goals, we make sure you're excited and confident moving forward. Rome wasn't built in a day. Every journey starts with a single step. Let's get you where you're trying to be.


If you're wondering where Music comes in, Most Hated On, LLC is also a Record Label. Our CEO is Typsy K Capone Tha Don HIMSELF! Follow him on Google, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube and anywhere else you enjoy listening to music!


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Set Goals & Achieve Them


Plan & Execute


We draw up an individual plan based on your company's unique situation and work every single day at achieving those goals.


Build Your Image


Your company's image is important in building trust between you and new customers. People do research before they purchase anything. That's why you're reading this now, right? We help you leave the right impression.


Be World Class


Being world class isn't something you just SAY. It is something you must strive to apply in everything that you do. This is the starting point for making your company as prestigious as it deserves to be. Take action.

               Powerful Jumpstart System


Typsy K Marketing and Most Hated On, LLC Proudly Present Their Newest and Most Inclusive Offer Yet. Why? Because Small Businesses Are the Backbone of America.                                            We believe:


In Hard Work and Positive Results

That EVERYBODY Can Find Success. Spots Aren't Running Out.

Mutually Beneficial Engagements & Relationships Are Everything. All Parties Involved Come Out On Top. 

Here's Some Reviews From Past Clients:

“Typsy is solid! I sent him some videos I put together while detailing a vehicle and he made magic with it! Created an ad that continues to generate leads months later propelling my exposure. His system creates results and I’m grateful that he gave my business the boost it needed!”


- Tony V.

Orlando, FL

"Typsy is the man! I needed to put together video adds to target my market but the problem was I didn't know what I was doing! I just needed to discuss with him what I needed to accomplish, then sent him some pieces of video. Shortly after, out popped a clean and amazing video advertisement that was on point and is still generating leads for me on social media."


- Robert L.

Miami, FL

 "I was really surprised by how easy Typsy made the entire process. It's clear that there is a focus on ease for the customer/client. I appreciate how flexible and patient he was every step of the way."


- Cathy O. aka 'Shorty'

Dunnellon, FL

"Typsy helped me edit video ads for several of my businesses. His quality and professionalism is top notch and I will definitely hire him for all future projects!"

- Shawn S.

Ogden, UT


Execution Is Key


Start working with Typsy K Marketing today and let's get you where you need to be. 

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Optimization of Brand Image

Pre-Made Video/AdCopy Proven To Get Results (Custom Video For +$365)

Increase Sales And Customer Base On Day 1

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3-Month Engagement

In-Depth Optimization of Brand Image (Includes Website Building/Rebuilding)

Fully Customized Videos for Marketing Campaigns

24/7 Contact With Your Own Personal Agent

Best Value

                 Creativity Is Our Specialty


Somebody Needs What You're Selling. We Just Gotta Give Them A Reason To Pick YOUR Company.


Content Is Everything

Nobody Wants To Be Bored

We Understand Your Target Audience and How To Get Their Attention

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